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Kerala Teenage Girls
Ladies aged between 20 and 30
Ladies aged between 30 and 40
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Ladies aged between 20 and 30

Here, I'll introduce the photos of ladies from 20years to 30 years. See and tell me how it looks!

A nurse aged about 27 on the way to hospital
Photo from Attingal

When i tried to take her photo from front side,she stared at me...thats why i taken it from her back! WOW what a shapely buttocks!!!oooh

Nice view from back!!!
She is about 23 but sexyyyyy!!!!

A girl about 23 ,she is a sales girl in a textile shop!sexy and nice!!!

Nice,well shaped butts!!!
See it hehehe!!!

When i went to a clinical lab,i took this snap.When she turned to wash the test tube at the basin,i snapped it..remember the distance between me and she is below one meter..ooooooh!!!

Here I might describe the photo above.

A river bath scene
U like this village bath scene?

When i was in a car near that river i taken it...i snapped it...thats all!!

When i went to a lab for testing my blood,i tool her back snap..U know,my  tool is  inly 2 feets from her back when i snap it .....hehehehehe..oooooh

A sexy girl in yello saree
Tired after medical entrance Exam!

When I approached to click her snap,i had an
intense urge to hug her from back!
If u were me,what will happen?!!!!!

a 19 year girl from trivandrum
what a heavy buttocks! wowwwwwwwww!!!

She is dialling a number in her mobile phone..
But i am dialling in her buttocks...oooooooooh